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& Conceptual Design

Each project is unique. Our process always starts with making sure we have a detailed understanding of the client’s vision and whether it can be a commercial reality. We undertake extensive feasibility studies and use conceptual designs to represent our initial response to develop realistic proposals.

& Conceptual Design | TDS Architectural Services

Detailed Design & Planning

Once the concepts are agreed, we will develop a detailed design, engaging with other disciplines to ensure the base concepts align and a cohesive strategy is laid out. Part of this process will be understanding the planning requirements and developing a strategy in response. The team will provide knowledge, reports and drawing packages, alongside liaising with local planning authorities if required, to ensure a favourable planning outcome.

Detailed Design & Planning | TDS Architectural Services Gloucester

Construction Drawing Packages & BIM

We use Autodesk Revit to draw, manage and coordinate our architectural packages with other disciplines. This allows for a high level of coordination and integration with contractors and consultants, helping to spot potential issues early in the project. Our expertise allows for flexibility in the delivery of this information, from traditional 2D drawing packages to full 3D model consolidation.

Construction Drawing Packages & BIM | TDS Architectural Services

Technical Advisors

Our technical advisers are responsible for the auditing, testing, and reviewing of your project at any stage required. Our staff have considerable experience in this area, either acting on our own projects or providing expert knowledge to projects designed by others.

Technical Advisors | TDS Architectural Services

Master Planning & Urban Design

We are passionate about creating buildings that provide positive contributions to the lives of those who live and work there. Our experience in master planning and urban design allows for solutions that enhance the wider environment and contribute to active neighbourhoods. Wider scale considerations are an integral part of all projects and our expertise in this field will aid your project, no matter the size.

Master Planning & Urban Design | TDS Architectural Services Gloucester

Development Support & Viability

Whatever brief we are given, we will lead your project and maximise its potential through great design, technical coordination and architectural experience. The support we offer to clients includes development advice as well as detailed development strategies that ensure the viability of your project throughout the whole of the build process.

Development Support & Viability | TDS Architectural Services

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